More Than a Seasonal Decoration


The pinecones we offer

Enjoy the rich variety of natural, real pinecones we hand-pick from the stunning forests of Bulgaria. Because of their spiritual and rustic appeal, our pinecones are an indispensable part of numerous environmentally-friendly decorations across the European market. Personalized wholesale assortments are available based on cone type, size and shape.

Our selection

Picea Abies Pinecone

Picea Abies

Diamond-shaped, 9–20 cm long (the longest of any spruce), with bluntly to sharply triangular-pointed scale tips. They are green or reddish, maturing brown 5–7 months after pollination.

Pick Up: May - September
Length: 9-20 cm on average
Weight: 20-70 g on average
In 1 kg: approx. 40 pinecones

Pinus Peuce Pinecone

Pinus Peuce

Nut-brown, symmetrical, thin-scaled and matt textured. Mostly 8–16 cm long, occasionally up to 20 cm long, green at first, becoming yellow-brown when mature, with broad, flat to down curved scales.

Pick Up: October - December
Length: 10-17 cm on average
Weight: 12-25 g on average
In 1 kg: approx. 70 pinecones

Pinus Nigra Pinecone

Pinus Nigra

These pinecones are about 5–9 cm (rarely up to 11 cm) long, with rounded scales; they ripen from green to pale grey-buff or yellow-buff in September to November, about 18 months after pollination.

Pick Up: May - September
Length: 5-9 cm on average
Weight: 10-35 g on average
In 1 kg: approx. 45 pinecones

Pinus Sylvestris Pinecone

Pinus Sylvestris

Flat to pyramidal apophysis (the external part of the cone scale), with a small prickle at the end of the scale, 3-6 cm long, yellow, occasionally pink. Opening February–April and falling soon after seed shed.

Pick Up: May - September
Length: 3-6 cm on average
Weight: 5-14 g on average
In 1 kg: approx. 100-120 pinecones   

Pinus Mugo Pinecone

Pinus Mugo

The Mugo pinecones are the smallest of the kinds we offer. They can be found in the highest parts of the mountains. Nut-brown, matt textured and symmetrical, 3-5 cm long. Sessile or nearly so, thin-scaled.

Pick Up: May - September
Length: 3-5 cm on average
Weight: 3-10 g on average
In 1 kg: approx. 120 pinecones