We take extraordinary care in providing our customers with pinecones of great quality.

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The Company

We started the Pinecones Company as a family business in 1997 in Dobrinishte, Bulgaria. From day one we have dedicated ourselves to preserving the timeless appeal of pinecones, providing our customers with high-quality wholesale pinecone supplies in Europe. Our experience and success gained through the years, has allowed us to expand and to further support our community. Our love for the nature and responsibility to our clients inspires us to evolve every day.

Pinecones (Pinus Nigra) on the ground
Pine trees - Picea Abies
Woods with pine trees and pine cones (Picea Abies)



Meet three of the magnificent mountains of Bulgaria: Rila, Pirin and the Rhodope mountain - home to our extraordinary pinecones. The high sea-level and specific climate of the region benefit the growth of distinct pinecones, such as the Pinus Peuce cones and the Pinus Mugo (Montana) cones. The picturesque mountains and their pinecone gifts are a source of endless inspiration, bringing nature closer to our daily lives.

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